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Provided at Loriann's Restorations LLC

At Loriann's, Restorations are a passion of ours and we love the capabilities we have to create these final results. 

Here is what our Restorations offer at Loriann's:

* We provide a sit down with the owner to discuss your plans and what you want the finished product to look like.

* We provide a tour of the organized facility, so that you can see the environment your vehicle is being worked on in.

* We provide an introduction to the Restoration Team, that way you can meet who will be working on your vehicle while it is here with us.

* We provide indoor storage of your vehicle while it is here.

* We do not provide an estimate, because of unknown factors and until the vehicle is completely disassembled we are not able to give an exact estimate.

* We require a $1,500 deposit and any parts needed at this time need to be paid in full at the contract signing before the restoration process begins.

* We charge $85 per hour for Restoration labor and $95 for Custom labor.

* We have a 1-week billing cycle.

* We provide break-downs on our invoices to show you step-by-step what is being charged.

* We suggest 48 hours notice for a visit to come and see your vehicles process first hand.

* We provide a media site as well as our website to keep you updated with pictures of the progress on your vehicle.

* We do sample test colors on car speed-shapes, to show for approval before going ahead with color selection. (additional fees apply)

* We offer House of Kolors paint choices as an option when selecting your vehicles final color.

* We are a Hagerty Direct Repair Facility.

* We offer Frame-on & Frame-off Restorations.

* We offer Steering, Suspension, Brake & Drive Train Upgrades. 

What to Look for When Choosing A Restoration Shop...

Do you have a vehicle Restoration project, tools and the skills to perform a restoration on your vehicle by yourself? If not, there are many of Restoration Professionals around who will be glad to take the job. Before I tell you why to choose Loriann Restorations, let me help you out by giving you the knowledge on what makes a great Restoration Shop!

To start there are 2 very important decisions you need to make before the job can be started. One, decide what you want your vehicle’s final appearance to look like and if you would like custom fabrication work done on the vehicle. And Two, you would need to decide on your budget. How much are you willing to spend for the finished desired appearance of your restoration?

The next step is talking to other restored car owners. This will help you get a sense of time, money and effort it takes in starting a restoration project. It will even help to talk to someone who has a similar vehicle that you are looking to restore; it may help with deciding on what your finished product will look like.

Next, call the Restoration shop and ask to speak directly to the owner, most Restoration owners would love to talk to you personally to help better get a feel for the end result you are looking for. Talk with them about your vision for your vehicle; ask to set up a day to come visit the shop and even the restoration team. Look up the shop online, do they have social media websites? Do they have their own website and are there pictures of their current projects to see the detail and work they are doing on their current restorations?

Once at the shop for your visit, it’s important to find out how your vehicle is stored during the restoration process. Is it indoors? Outdoors? Storage facility? How is the shop organized? Is there a paint booth and proper lighting? When working on restorations, it gets messy and it’s hard to keep the work space clean and dust free, but it is important that there is room to get around the vehicle and organization is in place.

Don't get discouraged if an estimate isn't given. Most restoration estimates are hard to figure an exact price and often get changed as the project progresses. Almost every restoration shop requires a deposit down to get the initial materials to start the project. That’s why it’s important going into a restoration project that you are prepared to spend money. Most cases a restoration job may end up costing many times the vehicles actual value. For example it could cost $2,000-$3,000 just in paint, primer and painting materials and supplies and end up costing $10,000 just on the paint of the finished result. (Not counting the body work or metal fabrication that the vehicle may have needed as well.)

It’s important to keep in mind a few last minute things as well. A restoration shop that has a wait list is a good thing; it means that they take pride in their work and people are waiting for them to do the job. Most restoration jobs can take 6-9 months to finish and even as much as up to 2 years or more, depending on extensiveness to the job.

Once the restoration process has begun, it's important to stay in contact with the shop to get updates and progress of your vehicle. This will ensure you are staying a part of the process and making all final decisions on your dream vehicle!